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I’m an upper caste, Hindu, Brahmin, North indian

Posted by pratyush on August 27, 2008

The first thing that people ask me when I introduce myself is why is my name Pratyush Pankaj and why don’t I have a surname. There is a very simple answer to that – its because my Father didn’t want me to use our surname. He believes that surnames are used to distinguish people on the basis of their caste and religion. A Sharma or a Singh would be an upper caste and Mahto or Ahir would be a lower caste. He never believed in Caste system and he didn’t want his children to get into this either. Hence, none of us has a surname.


When I was a young kid, I only knew I was an Indian and I very firmly believed that. I didn’t even know what my caste was. I realized that I’m a Hindu during my history lessons in school when I was told that people in India are mainly divided into four religions – Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christians. It was somewhere in the early nineties that I realized that apart from being a Hindu, I’m also a Brahmin – which means an upper caste (thanks to Mandal Commission).



These things were irrelevant to me until I witnessed a riot after the Babri Masjid demolition where I lost one of my best friends who was a Muslim. I realized the implications of being an upper caste when I was denied admission in city’s top college despite getting very good marks in my Boards exams, and another friend of mine who got much less then me, got through on ‘Quota’ (he was a ‘schedule caste’ – incidentally, he was always this rich spoilt kid)


As a young boy, I never understood this logic of treating the citizens of same country in different manner. I never understood the logic behind “special treatment” to these poor (?) minorities (?). I don’t know if my forefathers didn’t let them enter the temples or to fetch waters from the well (I’ve heard people narrating such stories on TV – specially the politicians). All I know is that by virtue of being born in an upper caste Brahmin family, I couldn’t get through the best college in the city even after securing much higher marks (trust me – much higher) then the so called lower caste kids (who would zoom around on their bikes and waste time everywhere except studying).


So, by the time I came to Pune for higher studies, I knew I was an upper caste, Hindu, Brahmin boy and not just an Indian which I always thought I was. And then, after spending almost 10 years in Maharashtra, I got a new identity. I was told that I was a North Indian and hence I shall go back to North India.


So now, In 25 years of my life in India, where my father wanted me to be a proud Indian, I’ve been given different identities. Thanks to politicians, so called social activists, Human rights activists and few others, I feel like an outsider in my own country because I’ve realized that I’m not just an Indian. I’m an upper caste, Hindu, Brahmin, North Indian and I’m not very sure how many more tags I’ll have to add to my identity.


I always wondered if my father has failed. He wanted to give me one identity but now I’ve so many. But i when i think about it, its not my father’s fault. He had a very noble intention. He wanted his children to be above caste, religion and regionalism. But thanks to the dirty politics of dividing the country into castes religion and regions, none of us is just an Indian – we all have multiple identities.



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  1. Akshaye Purmanund said

    It’s a shame. I’m also a Brahmin living in Mauritius and here the Vaishya (I prefer to call them Vaishshias (prostitutes) as in Mauritius too, Hindu Brahmins are victims of all the government that came in power and is in power that is the present government too.

    Thanks to a man called Harish Boo-dhoo, the later was an ex-parliamentarian, but still a politician who have played dirty by removing, ill-treating upper castes. Why? Like him, others are jealous of us, the Upper Castes because while others are merry making, boozing, we have been sacrificing our lives through hardwork so that, later on, we can serve our people, our country and everybody. But, they did not like this, the low-caste which I am proud and pray to be born again in an Upper Caste family which is pristine pure, soft heart, committed, dedicated to serve all with lofty mind and not as low mind which animate the low-caste!

    I’ve read in books (while studying Hinduism) that certain persons like Swami Dayanand fought for the low caste which were converting to Muslims and Christianity. I wonder and hope not that this was not because the Priests wanted that these people get access to religious places after cleaning themselves which though for health reasons could not afford to do so and hence were not encouraged to come to temples where there have always been other people who attended.

    It would be good to know as from History of India, each class had ruled India for a certain time: The Kshatriyas, the Brahmin (I don;t know) The Mauryas (low caste) etc and afterwards through decline the Muslims and later Christians through French and British.

    What would be good to ask is whether Priesthood and Brahmins clans were respected or dishonored. If not, it gives enough proof though this view or reasons of mine looks stupid because, it would have proved from human nature of retaliation when one is in power, one tends to cause problems to other persons not in the same clans! (viz: the Jewish tribes suffered harsh treatment, the Sunni and Shias are killing among themselves, In UK a few years ago, Protestants and Christians were killing among themselves, yet, their authority is the Bible.

    Same for us, all Hindus authority/ies is/are the Vedas. Other books are mostly historical books though conducive of lofty morals which have great influences on Jews, Christians and Muslims religions.

    So, these said, we should regroup ourselves to know our force. In Mauritius, Brahmins are much more than Tamils as we represent some 18% of the Hindus population.

    Same in India where then, you could have some representatives in the Indian Parliament who could voice them out. Nobody could and would be able to finish Brahminhood,else, they will be destroyed.

    Long live Hindutva, Long live to Brahmin class.

  2. Satya said

    My Dear Akshaye Purmanund/

    It’s a shame to call yourself a Brahman when you have such a low/ghatya attitude.Never forget that we have had so many Hindus converted to Christianism because of your forefathers attitude. Swami Dayanand Saraswati, a Bramhman himself founded the Arya Samaj because of people like you. You Brahman people prefer to marry their children with Muslims rather than with people of Lower Castes. Shame on You Brahman People. The Moguls invaded India because of You Brahman. Brahman must be people with great intelligence not Silly/Ghatya people like you. With people like you still alive…there will never be unity amongst Hindus….Satya

  3. pratyush said

    Dear Akshaye / Satya,
    Both of u are missing the point that I’m trying to make here. I didnt want to start a discussion on caste or religion. I wanted to point out the fact that even in today’s world when the focus should be on unity and devlopement of the Nation as a whole, we are still fighting over such issues.
    There is no point blaming each other for what people did years ago. Why should we fight over what the Brahmins did to the so called lower caste people or what the Muslim invaders did to Hindus.
    We need to get over such petty issues if we want to do well in life

  4. Satya said

    My Dear Pratyush/

    What u have just said applied mostly 2 Akshaye not 2 me. I find it sad that being a Brahman yourself, U said nothing when Akshaye treated the Vaish Caste as Prostitute.What Unity are U talking about when the Caste System is mostly practiced by Brahmans.By the way, why would find anything wrong in what Akshaye wrote, being both birds of same feathers.

  5. Adarsh said

    Dear Pratyush
    Its very easy for you to comment on such sensetive issues sitting far away from the truth. You have urslf mentioned that you have been staying in cities like Pune and Mumbai. I’m sure you have no idea what is happening in the interiors of our country. Maybe you dnt face casteism in these cities.
    There is a reason why lower caste ppl are using force against you brahmins. Its high time you get what you deserve.
    But ppl like you who have never faced such issues being a ‘high caste’ will never understand this. So pls dont even talk about unity and progress

  6. Satya said

    Dear Adarsh/
    You are absolutely right my friend.

  7. Satya said

    Where r U my dear Pratyush…why don’t U react to Adarsh and my comments….never begin something u can’t stop….u so-called upper classes people….shame on u….this is why hinduism whilst being the oldest religion is still behind….and U have the gut 2 call yourself Upper caste.

  8. Ahimsadass said

    U all are fools. Divide we fall unity we rise. Hands in hands we should make the muslim, chistian and other to vanished.brahmins means intelligent.
    Kshatriyas: fighter.
    vaish: business people.
    other. sweeper etc.
    . this is the meaning of caste.

  9. pratyush said

    @Adarsh – I might not be aware of everything that is happening in the interiors of our country. I’m sure there are issues which we are not even aware of. But I do feel that a lot is being done to overcome these issues – to an extent that ‘minority welfare’ has become an important issue for all the political parties (though I’m not sure if its actually helping the ppl who require the help). And I do hope that so called lower caste ppl are serious about all the facilities provided to them and they make full use of it (vacant seats at the premier educational institutes reserved for such classes suggest otherwise)

    @Satya – My dear friend, I request you to read the blog again. I never claimed to be an ‘upper’ caste. Infact I didn’t even know my caste till the time ‘Mandal’ happened.
    The tone of your comments (few of which I didn’t approve – thanks to the language used) suggests that you have suffered a lot due to the caste system (and I hope you are not taking out your frustration because your forefathers were oppressed by brahmins some 200 years ago). I would really like to listen to your story and the reason behind so much of frustration and hatred.

    @Ahimsadass – I dont agree with your version of ‘unity’ or the definition of caste system.

  10. Satya said

    Pratyush/Better late than never…You yourself said the following “I’m an upper caste, Hindu, Brahmin, North indian”. May be your father was right….but u r completely different from him…It’s not frustration…but the way U Bramans behave that made me react this way…Just come in Mauritius, the country of your Dear friend AKSHAY PURMANUND and U will see how Casteism is still practiced here by your so called Brahmans. Even though that all our forefatheres came from India on the same Ship, sleeping like animals…as soon as the ship reached the destination the JAAT/PAAT began again. Oh…U said about my language….so why did U not react when Akshaye Purmanund, so called Brahman and who call himself an Spiritual Master and Vegan, did say that the VAISH COMMUNITY ARE PROSTITUTES. My dear Pratyush…U no more have any credibility… It’s better 4 U 2 sop talking about Hindus Unity.
    My Dear Ahimsadass/ It’s better 4 you 2 shut your big mouth… The objective of the Hindus are not 2 make the muslim, chistian and other to vanished…but to live together….U r not worth talking 2 ….

  11. Adarsh said

    Pratyush – I agree wid you. Political parties are using this as a ploy to garner votes. We have politicians like Mayawati who says she is proud to be a ‘dalit ki beti’. I’m not sure which dalit ki beti would spend crores of rs on her own statues.
    Arjun Singh used reservations to give a new lease of life to his morbind political career. And yes, I do agree that increasing the seats for ST SCs in bigger colleges wont help. What is required is the basic education.

    Satya – I did agree with you in the begining, but I can see you only have hatred for the so called ‘ upper caste’, irrespective of their views on it. I dont believe in ur objective of hating everything associated with the upper caste ppl.

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  13. Ranjay said

    Interesting Article.

    “I’m an upper caste, Hindu, Brahmin, North Indian and I’m not very sure how many more tags I’ll have to add to my identity.”

    No one likes being tagged. 🙂

    But I’d like to comment on the frst comment. “Upper caste” descendents of coolies are not victims in Mauritius.

    And really, most “Brahmins” I know, eat non-veg(I know one who eats pork too) and drink alcohol.

    And yes, they are not the most intelligent social group.

  14. chankya_fan said

    @ Pratyush. I fully understand the point you wanted to raise: society has put a ‘brand’ on you, which has been to your detriment. Now, even the ‘brahmins’ committed all sorts of injustice, it’s not for you to pay for these(by the way, I wouldn’t even call them brahmins even if they descend from great brahmans!! I don’t consider anyone brahmin by birth, for I differentiate between ‘varna’ and ‘caste’)

    @ Akshaye. Are you a Mauritian or an Indian Brahmin in Mauritius?? My dear, I just hope you know what Brahmanism is all about!!! I’m myself an upper-caste in Mauritius: vegetarian, having never smoked, drunk alcohol, yet I don’t wear the janev of brahman, for the mere respect of it. Brahmanism is primarily about studying of the Vedas, which I bet you have never even attempted.
    Now, abusing the Vaish does the befit a Brahmin: that’s no compassion at all. Remember that Lord Krishna was raised among the Vaish,having a pure Vaish culture. Moreover, the mode of adoration to Him is known as Vaishnavism, which I respect though I’m a Brahmanist.
    And I can tell you that the high-castes and Vaish have always been in hand to oust the others. Today, the so called low-castes have emancipated, and the principal targets are firstly the ‘Brahmins’, as you call yourself. Unfortunately, maybe you have been a victim of this system, but that ‘we’ were no saints when we had control should not be overlooked. We can even say that we are reaping what we have sowed. Talk not of Swami Dayanand, a BRAHMAN by both caste and varna!!! Anyway, we, as Hindus collectively, will be reduced to a minority thanks to our attitude!!! I can just but wish that the animosity would one day fade…

    Dear Pratyush, I realise that my comment is a bit irrelevant to the point you wanted to ponder, but just wanted to put some facts as they are. Reservations are against meritocracy; even in Mauritius, we have got a system known as “Best Loser” for parliamentary admission, whereby it is ALWAYS IMPOSSIBLE for any Hindu to become one. And I pay my respects to your father’s open-mindedness!!

  15. Satya said

    Very good Posts…Ranjay & Chankya.

  16. arjun said

    @satya,”i’m not trying to discriminate any caste but from ur comments i feel that you are completely against uppercastes

  17. Satya said

    My Dear Arjun/ Am not against Upper Caste…But am against their way of doing….If U were living in MAURITIUS….U would have seen what upper caste people do…Just read Akshaye Purmanund above commentary on Vaish…n U will know about my reaction.

  18. chankya_fan said


    To those concerned about the caste issues in Mauritius, I would recommend:

    1.The Disintegration of Caste and Changing Concepts of Indian Ethnic Identity in Mauritius
    Journal article by Oddvar Hollup; Ethnology, Vol. 33, 1994
    2.Le malaise créole.

    I don’t have the links for the above, but below follows an informative article {in French}.

    I would like to reiterate that such self-proclamation of superiority as to “being born a brahmin/upper caste” just brings out the stupidity of the person. If you really want to know, then all we ‘Hindus’ of Mauritius are OUTCASTES, irrespective of our ancestors’ caste!!
    There’s something known as KALAPANI in India which means that “any Hindu who quits the holy land of India loses his caste, jaat, and is worse than the lowest of outcastes”. And even an illiterate Indian outcaste won’t hesitate to spit on a Mauritian ‘maraz’ or ‘vaish’.
    Read le malaise creole, and you people will find how strong is the anti-Hindi-speaking-Hindu feeling in this country, and we here are pitifully dividing ourselves along caste barriers.

    Dear Pratyush, I know this Mauritius thing is a bit out of place, yet it may reflect things you find relevant.
    And I’d really like to hear from the Mauritians.
    Btw, I take great pride in being pure Aryan blood which I strongly link to Brahmanism, Vedism, Aryanism. I prefer to use the Muslim coined identity of “Hinduism, Hindus” SPARINGLY!!

  19. D. Meetoo said

    Some people here seem to be completely out of spectrum. I am myself a low-caste, yet I highly appreciate what the brahmans ‘maraz’ of Mauritius did and are doing. They are those who are preserving our culture and religion. We as Hindus should protect them and not shoot them. Long ago, they were the ones who built schools and educated us. They formed village councils and fought for better rights for all hindus with the British. My low-castes peers were up to no good, they were illiterate. My family was educated by pundits. We respect them.
    Many schools in Mauritius have names like “Pundit.. Sharma..”. Because those Brahmans believed in education.
    Now, it is sad to note that upper caste are being victims of discrimination. The vaish are everywhere. Vaish do only for vaish. Upper caste are gradually being kicked out of government jobs. All key posts go to vaish. Not a single brahman in the parliament.
    I am chamar (shudra) and I notice that Vaish do only for Vaish, while Brahmans did for the whole Hindu community. Politics should change in Mauritius, brahmins should no longer be made victims, no Mauritian should be victimized.

  20. yaaj said

    am living in mauritius and am a vaish.. i knew only revcently that vaish had sub categories.. nowadays, especially after the elections which happened, we can can identify how the variuos castes have been nominated in the circumscription based upon the population opf those caste..
    the fact is that here in mauritius, when a brahmin is nominated at a good position, the other communities just keep track and then they complain about how they got the position, similarly when a vaish gets a good position, the same thing applies..

    when a lower caste gets a good position, their people just say that they are deserving..

    not that am judging their nomination, but if we look only upon the good posts they acquire, we should also see the other side also.. i know brahmin families who perform manual work, i know vaish who perform manual work.. but in their case, no one makes any complaint..

    In the place i work, the director is a lower caste and he has never promoted any vaish or brahmin people.. that is a fact.. it is confirmed by many peope in the departement..

    As for india, i have been studying in chennai for 4 years and have witnessed the various castes present there.. it is a good thing that SC are given a good chance to go to good colleges, but wat happens to the upper cates who secure good marks?? in my college, only 1 brahmin was allocated a seat in my class whereas 20 were lower class.. 10 were NRI/Foregneir and 15 were middle class..

    and most of the lower caste were not even competenmt to study.. many accumulated back logs in their studies and graduated with very poor gpa.. so was this necessary?? we need to have an equitable entry for the merituous students.. just lilke in Mauritius.. when we apply for the university, the admission is based fully on the qualification and not the caste..

    for the job, even the brahmins can’t get a good job if their results are bad.. and even if they are good, sometimes they are left without the job of their dream..

    Bottomline is that, we try so much to integrate the lower caste in the society( which is a very good thing) but then eventually frustrate the vaish and brahmins when they are outpassed by the lower caste when the latter don’t have the proper requirements but still are promoted…

  21. chankya_fan said

    Dear All,

    @Meetoo. I suppose you equate Brahman to maraz, and let me enlighten you that there are 3 maraz in Parliament not counting the baboojees, and the 2 in Government are both senior ministers. Also note that no maraz gets in Parliament without Vaish support, irrespective of so-called lower-caste votes as maraz/baboojee never go to constituencies where low-caste votes can be significant.
    Yet I today appreciate that a chamar can praise a maraz, never heard this before.

    @Yaaj. We have no reservation system for lower-caste in Mauritius, and if the latter are succeeding, it’s owing to their emancipation, which has been possible by their better education.
    The problem is that there is fiercer competition now, and those who are losing their priveleges or chassés gardés are claiming that they are being discriminated against, which may be highly biased.

    Another point. The Vaish comprise more than 50% of Hindi-speaking Hindus, followed by some 35% of so-called lower castes, and the rest totalling for maraz/baboojee. Now, if you people have a little mathematical sense, it’s more probable to find more Vaish in more posts. The disproportion is really among the other castes!! So, neither can Meetoo say Vaish are taking evrything, nor can Yaaj say vaish and brahmins are being deprived.

    Anyway, the Mauritian context of casteism has become quite irrelevant to Pratyush’s initial post; maybe someone should start another post somewhere!!

  22. Adevair Marques Filho said

    Nice see your comment

  23. Gurly said

    Dear Pratyush,i found your post very interesting and sincerely i pay respect to your dad for being so realistic.
    well am myself a gurl from a brahmin caste and frankly speaking this thing about caste is being a real problem to me…i love a guy from the vaish caste,he is from a good family and is as religious as i am we have known each other since 3 years and talking about separating becoz of caste is much hurting me.y do people says that marrying a vaish when your are a brahmin is a sin.
    I dont understand why we r all fighting about caste when we r all children of God and the latter loves us very much…i dont think its God who has input this thing about caste in our life but rather humans(very long ago) like us judging poeple by the job they did(Brahmins=teacher,priest Vaish=farmers etc)
    and tel me..why claim that we r brahmin decendants when we dont even behave like them like ‘Chankya’ said,and its true,iv myself seen brahmin being non-veg,drinking ang doing things a real brahmin should not do.and if am not wrong,its being good and doing good that counts,not the contrary thou being a brahmin or whatever.

    @ Chankya
    I really appreciate what you said,am myself a so called Brahmin and believe that that before we r hindus,brahmin,vaish etc we are all human beings,we all make errors and we can all also do good and achieve a good life!!

  24. Rohan said

    To all of u in mtius,this coment was put by a guy named manish on facebook and what he said is so true..especially to all of u figthting over such a trivai matter..and ‘brahmin’ too:

    There are strictly no different castes in Mauritius. Surprised? read on..

    1. ALL HAVE LOST THEIR CASTES – kind of excommunication.

    According to the caste rules, anyone who crossed the ocean or as it was then known, the kala pani, automatically lost his/ her caste. So NOT a single mauritian of indian descent can claim to have maintained his caste.


    As per those same stupid rules, the “touch” or proximity of so called low castes “polluted” the others. Now as far as i know, there were no separate boats for separate castes when the indian immigrants came to Mauritius, nor separate habitations when they were quarantined on the islands on the north, nor on the camps of the sugar estates, nor different castes digging / harvesting in different fields.


    According to the scriptures, the caste depends on the occupation. In that respects hindus do white collar jobs are therefore “high” castes.


    I hope i have confused all of u sufficiently. : P

    PS : I have read somewhere that there has for years been a beef extract in a common cheese. If u have eaten same u have definitely lost ur caste. Same if u have ever eaten marsh mallow with gelatine.

  25. Avivekanand Bissessur said

    Dear All,

    What is the caste system? It is the social structure of the Hindu Society. In ancient time we had the intellectual or spiritual section of the population which we called the Brahmans. These Brahmans were not a homogeneous group but came from different backgrounds. Similarly, the Kshatryas, were the ruling caste, the Vaish the business community while the Shudras represented the Labour Force.
    As the years went by, people got established within the caste in which they were born and it was all natural that they tried to preserve their positions in society which became hereditary.

    We may fight the caste system and we may succeed in eliminating it but we will never succeed in eliminating the germ of the caste system. What I mean by this, look at the political class in Mauritius or the ruling class. Ramgoolam was the PM, his som Navin is the PM. Jugnauth was the PM and now is son is aspiring to succeed him as PM.Do you think he is the best choice in the ruling class. Kailash Prayag who has been in the Labour PArty longer than Navin, he belongs to the same caste, couldn’t he have been the Prime Minister. In the MSM, how many of the founder members of the MSM are still in the Party. All of them had been made to flee in order to pave the way to Pravin’s leadership and by extension future PM. I am not sayin g that Pravin will not make a good PM or that he should not aspire to be the PM. But who can challenge him? Just as who could have challenged Navin in the Labour Party. Notice that Politics is being played within the same family from generation to generation. IS this not an extension of the caste system.

    Similarly, when someone is born in a millionaire family he automatically becomes a millionaire. No one questions his credentials for that. And it is very difficult although not impossible for someone born in a family of beggars to become a millionaire.

    Caste system exist in the psyche of the people, it does not have a real structure that we can say by eliminating it we shall be eliminating the caste system.

    But living in a modern society and for the welfare and benefit of one and all we must ensure that the policy of live and let live should be encouraged. It is not nice to denigrate someone merely because he belongs to a low caste. Remember whether a Chamar or Chandal or Brahman all are the children of this country. All have an equal right and equal access to the opportunities thatthe countru can offer

  26. sukdev said

    hello so called brahmins suffering now!
    lets go through the history.Ayleast now you know the meaning of have made good people and their people to suffer for generations (2500 years!!!!!!!) but you people never accepted that and you went on continuing the system preached by your fathers to downtrode the other castes.shame on you bastards…..
    did you know that you people had cunningly killed nearlt 2.5 million people in the south for not accepting vedas!!!!!!thanks to the support of the kings to install varnasram principle to rule.Thanks to thew biggest mistake of ashokas grand son for not waging war .the rest of the kings thought of putting you to rule :not that you were right but you were cunning.Did you know how many temples you worship are of jains which you forcefully took and hooked stories to fool people?and stilll the behaviour of your people have not changed.
    In indian born religions such as jainism and budhism does not have divisions based on work and does not undermine anybody.but great hinduism has.The oldest and the dravidian and the native and the best religion of the world is jainism.let truth prevail.

  27. Shika said

    I am working on the caste system in Mauritius for my dissertation. will you fill in my questionnaires, plz?

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  30. Sunil said

    Kanyakubj Brahmins of Bihar have large population in Mauritius,kanyakubjas only marry with their cast.Brahmins of mauritius donot use the surname sharma.and There are no Bhumihar in Mauritius.

  31. suny said

    fuck you bramin you dont even know what you are talking about please get the fuck out of mauritius cos we don `t need people like you . we have to unite people not dividing them . if the veda teach us oneness and you are creating division and you think you are superior this means you are a fucking chamar . what i would advise you is to go back and learn the veda and dont bring your indian shit in mauritius

  32. nikesh said

    im a mauritian and im from a so called ‘low caste’ called chamar….i didn’t know what caste mean util one day my friend’s dad came to me and told me to leave his premises because i belong to a low caste. questions in my mind i return home and enquire with my parents.. it was really a difficult moment for my parents to explain everything to me. i have one question to all of you who are Brahmin (upper caste), IS IT MY FAULT IF IM BORN IN A LOW CASTE FAMILY??

  33. Lovely said

    @nikesh no, u r not @ fault. it’s only the mentality of the people.

    am a mauritian….an upper caste girl who fell in love with a low caste boy. And this is causing many problems in MY family despite us being hindu itself. I dnt think it is a crime to marry in a lower caste. For me they are hindu people just like my family. They are well cultured people.
    My father says i brought shame to the family.

  34. Chanakya_fan said


    And I would say your father brought shame to your open-mindedness…

    If the great Ved Vyas could be born of the union between a brahmin and an untouchable, not even a low-caste, then who are we to condemn anything?
    Maybe these people think they are better than Parashar!! As a Sanskrit scholar, I dare them to quote even one verse from ManuSmriti, which they’ve never read but always allude to, commending such discrimination.

  35. Varun said

    Hello,to everyone. In Mauritius the caste system in mainly apparent during fixing of marriages. High caste families will never agree upon marrying their daughters with low caste boys even if they have wealth. Most of the high castes families,since birth of their children gives them that bad education of choosing people in their caste. Its a kind of brainwash that they do. They are also those people who have very bad discriminating mentality. Ask any low caste family in Mauritius. They will tell you its not important to what caste you belong to. They won’t do any sort of discrimination with any people in the community and this what i believe is a very good way of living since there is no hypocrisy and there is respect among themselves(the hindu community) and also there surroundings(other communities).

    Upper caste people tend to be very arrogant although not possessing any sort of materialistic entity and think that this type of mentality will lead them far in life but we all know its a unreal.

    I believe that we should not believe in the caste system. We all hindus and should mutual respect among ourselves and for other religion as well. Its the only way to lead our beloved country Mauritius forward.

  36. vspl said

    read all the comments.i find some true and false facts.onr must be precise in his a kshatriya(suryavanshi) and i believe that lower caste hindus should learn how to respect higher caste.then they will be respected.learn to respect others.

  37. JS Chauhan said

    Hello,It is gd that u r BRAHMIN but u r INDIAN also.

  38. chotu said

    Mr. Sukdev have no idea of indian history! 😛 The whole Indian history is made to make Brahmins feel guilty of themselves! The religion zeolites have put a burden on us and politicians too have demonized us! Some say Jainism and Buddhism is Indian born as if Hinduism is not! In fact all three calls themself Arya Dhamma! Hinduism is in fact latest with theist saints like tukaram, Dhaneshwarw, Mira, Raidas ( SC 😛 )! Do not compare brahmins with hinduism. Some say Buddhism and Jainism do not have section! Really? There were no tradition of writing in India till hte time of Ashoka and even after him. It were Brahmins who preserved all indian literature and thoughts! and mean all not just so called religious! Manusmriti has became famous, Kamsutra has become famous and gita of krishna (an OBC) has become famous! In spite there is multitudes of dharmashastras garga-smriti, gargi(a women)-smriti, narada smriti, yagyvalkya smriti, so many kamashastras like rati-rhasya, anagaranga, jayamangala etc, so many gitas like devi, rama, astavakra gita. The brahmin tradition which is highly atheistic in form of Lokayat, mimansak, sankhyiki e.t.c. Not even Buddha ever said demeaning word to brahmins in dhammapada UN necessary. What about contribution in Mathematics and science, Aryabhatta, chanakya e.t.c what about atheist like Jabali, Charvaka, Kumarila, Prabhakara? what about Jayarasi bhatta? what about Vachaspati Mishra? what about me? what about shrinavas Ramanujam (who lived in poverty)? I’m brahmin, and i never knew about other people caste until 12 standard! Why not mention contribution? why demonize each and every person? what about theist brahmin saints (who were not logical rationalist but socialist) who worked for social equality? Think about Gay, Brahmin, Atheist like me? Why I do not hate you people who have made caste a basis of anything and still call yourself rational and secular? You were oppressed by every section above you, since only brahmin composed contemporary text its obvious they will be scrutinized ! Why brahmins continue to teach Upanishad that says Kshatriya are above brahmins? Doesn’t Buddhist threw Kumarila from the roof of Nalanda University? Doesn’t It was a Buddhist who punched and raped Kapalika women in Mattavilasprahasana? Didn’t it was a buddhist king who banned vedic sacrifices which is like banning Bakrid today? What will you say about the buddhist king wwho ordered to cut throats of Jains and Ajiivakas? Why only deminize brahmins?

  39. Anonymous said

    We don’t need Indian caste system in Mauritius, am being from a so called high caste sharma family…. My parents never taught us to discriminate between our friends or neighbors , we all lived together as a big family…. And trust me it’s really weird to see people still believing in these things now in Mauritius…..
    And you mr akshaye pumanund , a coz ban dimounes ti esprit cuma toi…. Ki encore ena sa ban caste system la….. Mo sure to ena ser ou cozine ki Donne fess avec ban chamar…. Sa meme to p defoule toi lord sa page la…. Si to ena fiel fer li deviant public,,,, ban la si pa defiance toi zot garde….

  40. cutie said

    All Hindu communities in the country follow the varnashram system of Aryans and have divided the society in four castes – Kshatryas, Brahmins, Vaishyas and Shudras. Sindhis do not have such division in their society. They never followed a rigid caste system. That is why Sindhis are considered to be only businessmen. All members of the society inter-mingle with one another without any consideration of four castes of Aryans. There are no untouchables in Sindhis…..these religion and caste set up by mad and stupid people to control others not by god…who are still mentally sick they are following this castesim blindly..i must say be like all sindhi…tum hindu logo se toh yeh sindhi soh guna ache or intelligent jante hai society ko ek kar ke kaise rakhna hai..

  41. Anonymous said

    bousse impe fesse r caste system etc…kumadir zot tous inn vine vivre lor sa la tere la pou l’eterniter! kisanla conner ki p arrive zot in the next second?? la vie li bien courte alors appran respecter chacun ek vivre dans la paix ek la joie

  42. Justin said

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  43. SP said

    First of all vaishyas were rich people who give fund in temple for” bramin ” to have a place , many temple were built frm vaishyas money 🙂
    the word “Vaishya” is derived from a word which means “to live,” and the caste was originally focused on farming, agriculture, and trading. As the caste system developed, the Vaishya deviated from their agricultural pursuits, focusing on trade as merchants, skilled labor, and land ownership. Members of this caste have traditionally been wealthy, as a result of their occupations, and the caste has also traditionally valued education, especially religious education in the hopes of becoming twice born, an important accomplishment in Hindu life.

    As a merchant community, the Vaishya helped India to expand and become a formidable economic force in its own right. Many members of this caste were also behind the development of Indian industrialism in the 20th century, with prominent Vaishya forming major corporations which continue to be economic powerhouses in India. The caste has also traditionally placed a value on artisanship and technical

  44. bharath said

    I don’t care what others say about caste system, but I respect it highly. The caste system is a discipline that was introduced long long back as to what our duties are. Sanatan Dharma has showed us the “way of life”. It clearly describes the responsibilities of each person according to which varna they are born in to. I don’t think anyone in the current generation has the capability to argue it’s religion because it is above everyone’s league.

  45. Anonymous said

    Namaste All
    vry interesting debates about caste systems in mauritius
    i had thought the mentality had changed over the years
    but wel.
    thank you sooo much
    i enjoyed reading this as much as you all.

    great evening ahead
    Radheeka Ram

  46. Madras said

    Greetings fuckers
    I would like to know where Tamil Hindus fit in this classification. Btw Iyer and Iyengar = Tamil Brahmins
    North India is North India & South India is South India. North Indian Territory was ruled by North Indian emperors whereas South India was ruled by South Indian emperors. I humbly believe that Brahmins are the filth of society for they are responsible for the division and dehumanization of so many belonging to lower castes. The notion that some are born superior and deemed to stay that way while others are born inferior and deemed to stay that way is against human rights/barbaric. They are delirious, power seeking egomaniacs who will never grasp the meaning of merit through hard work. Who gave them the right define other humans? definitly not god!!
    During the middle age period of India, end of the Vedic period, circa 500BC-300BC, several middle kingdoms emerged. Some of the famous southern dynasties are the Chola, Chera, Pandyan (Tamil dynasties) Pallava, Rashtrakuta, Chalukya, Kakatiya, Vijayanagara, Satavanaha. So yes, these dynasties were ruled by local kings. The Tamil dynasties were ruled by Tamil kings, the tulu by tulu emperors, the Malayali by Kerala emperors, the kannada by kannada emperors. (The 4 southern states who speak a Dravidian dialect). Those dynasties have produced some of India’s greatest dynasties/ figures. In northern India, the Maurya Empire led by Chandragupta and later Ashoka. Those southern emperors were thus governed by local kings and not by northern kshastrya like the Sings, Rajputs, Kapoor, Chopra, Malhotra or Babajee etc. Each empire had its own classification/ job allocation. For instance, there were Tamil warriors, kings, farmers, architects, misicians, philosophers, academics and so on. The idea, northern perspective which views south Indians as mostly Shudra (serving the 3 upper castes) is nonsense, maybe it applied in North India but not to South India…lol
    -Many of those empires stretched over/ ruled upon significant portions of North India as well.
    -The Tamil empires are the longest ruling in the history of mankind. (Pandyan/ Chola 1600-2000 years of reign).
    -The Chola under Raja Raja chola I gave India its mightiest military force as well as a very powerful maritime force. The chola dynasty is the only empire to stretch without of the Indian subcontinent, owning most of the South East Asian continent. Military elites of Asia during raja raja’s reign.
    – The Pandyans traded with the Romans.
    – The first Martial art is said to be Kalaripayat, emerged in Kerala.
    – The Southern kings build the most beautiful, grandest, finely sculpted and oldest Hindu Temples in their own style (Dravidian) of architecture. Which differs from and has a diff origin from Northern style Nagara. Dravidian architecture is superior.
    – They have their own medical system, own moral sources, Siddha medicine predates Ayurveda.
    Yes, they seem to come from another older civilization which is likely originally non Vedic. Possibly the Non vedic Indus valley, Mesopotamia, ancient Egyptian. Religions like shramana existed there. They later give birth to Jainism, Boudhism and Ajivika which were initially practiced all over India (Northern included).
    I am Tamil and I belong to the same clan as Rajendra chola. It is known as a warrior clan, but to North Indians, in their ignorance. I am nothing but a Shudra.
    To conclude
    1. South India have always/ mostly been ruled by their own kings and this shudra status applies mostly to North Indians who allowed Brahmins to define them.
    2. Their dynasties surpass northern dynasties is various aspects.
    3. Sothern Indians/ especially Tamils, according to rumours are known to be amongst the smartest Indians.
    4. Hinduism would have existed in the absence of the Vedic Brahmins in the form of Shramana.
    5. Oh yes the Vedic period was over circa 500BC, many Mauritians still live in this era.
    6. North Indians and south Indians are not separated by race and yes you ignorant Brahmins up there you are not Aryans. Maybe only 6% in terms of admixture. All Indians are around 80-90 % similar underneath according to up to date genetic evidence. Which means you are probably nomadic invaders and Dravidians have never been black descent. Aishwarya rai is south Indian. I looked like an olive skinned middle eastern when I was born.
    7. The Brahmins are responsible for the inhumanity in India. Dalit women stripped naked and forced to have sex with upper caste men. Dalit men are shot, shamed, ostracized and forced to do the lowest tasks. I stick my middle finger up your asses Brahmins as I believe in Equality regardless of differences.
    8. North India is North India, South India is South India.
    9. North Indians learn some fucking history because your stupidity stinks sometimes. Don’t steal/ get credit for shit you did not achieve.The cast system is Evil and it is your contribution, not ours. India would have been a much better place without the Vedic Brahman’s filth.

    Ashoka attempted to end the rule of Brahmins, he failed as they refuged in Tamil kingdoms which wasn’t occupied by Ashoka. Ancient kingdoms existed there.

    Tro long ek compliker??!!

  47. Hey there, You’ve done an incredible job. I’ll definitely digg it and personally
    suggest to my friends. I am sure they will be
    benefited from this website.

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